A village in East Cambridgeshire, England



St Peters Church.

The parish church.

At around 800 years old, the oldest building in the village. There are bells in the tower dating from 1450 onwards, but they have not been pealed for a number of years. The church boasts early English graffiti (carved into a pillar during a visit to Stetchworth by one Queen Philippa) depicting a woman in an elaborate head-dress, and several animals.

Service times:
Sunday 11th February: 9.00 am. Communion Service                                                          Sunday 25th February: 3.00 pm. Evensong                                                                    


Morning prayer every Monday morning at 10.00 am at Clare Farm, Dullingham


National Church:


United Reformed Church

Opened in 1963 on the site of the old Congregationalist Church.

Service times:
Sunday 4th February: 11.00 am. Cheveley URC  Saturday 10th February: 10.00 am Coffee Morning                                                          Sunday 11th February: 11.00 am. Revd E. Colechin, Holy Communion                                  Sunday 18th February: 11.00 am. Cheveley URC   Sunday 25th February: 11.00 am. Mrs F. Paulding                                                                                                                                                      

National Church: