A village in East Cambridgeshire, England


Devil's Dyke/Ditch

An Anglo Saxon earthwork built between the villages of Reach and Wood Ditton. It consists of a ditch and a mound of earth which continues for over seven miles, and is a popular place for local walks. The Devils Dyke Morris Men dance along its length to end up at the 800 year old Reach Fair on May Day. A rare plant, the pasque flower grows along the length of the dyke in the chalky soil.




Village Green

The Stetchworth village green is very small. It contains a bench donated by Lt Col Richard Price of the USAF (a friend of the village), two horse chestnut trees and the village war memorial. A service is held at the memorial on Armistice Day, when a poppy wreath is laid. The Millennium Village Sign was erected here in spring 2001.
The village sign stands on the village green.







 Equestrian Statue

A recent addition to the parish on the Stetchworth Toll Roundabout near the entrance to the Newmarket July Racecourse. The idea was conceived by Prof. Twink Allen of the Equine Fertility Unit at Newmarket. It is a 15 feet tall bronze, created by Lady Marcia Astor.





Half Round Plantation

So called even though it is actually a fully circular plantation of deciduous trees. The road leading up through the trees is known locally as the Camel Humps