A village in East Cambridgeshire, England


High Street

The main street through the village. Many centres of village life are situated here, including the URC, the Marquis of Granby and the former British Legion Club. There are also bus stops along this main road.




Ley Road

Carrying on from the High Street, this road eventually leads to Wood Ditton. The street contains a new development as well as older historical buildings such as Collins Stud and the stone row cottages. The Ellesmere Centre is here too.






Tea Kettle Lane/Mill Lane

Quiet residential areas. Tea Kettle Lane is the road to Dullingham, home of the Dullingham Fair in early June and also the 'local rivals'! Kettlefields Primary School is also situated down here.









Coopers Close/Strollers Way

Residential streets built in the 1960s - 70s, and known as 'The Estate'. There are several footpaths leading from the backs of these streets to Devil's Dyke.


Jubilee Court/The Alley/The Beeches

More quiet residential streets of various ages. Jubilee Court is sheltered accommodation for the elderly, built in the Queen's silver jubilee year.







Church Lane

A peaceful and leafy street (in the summer!), leading to the gates of Stetchworth House, the old manor house, and obviously St Peter's Church. The tiny village green is here, and another footpath to the Dyke.